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The key marketing ingredient to Lodge & Hotel photography is being able to accurately echo the beauty and warmth of the establishment. Awesome Photos carefully studies each property to determine its best and sometimes, most unusual features. We aspire to portray all the unique selling points of the property in our photographs. It is also important to showcase the activities that are on offer to your guests, be it a bush breakfast, a cultural experience or a romantic evening set for two. Ambiance is everything. Let your photographs sell your “paradise”.

You will be provided you with a complete set of marketing photos. Coffee table books may also be ordered.

Awesome Weddings

Awesome Photos has been privileged enough to photograph weddings all over South Africa. We’ve captured traditional church ceremonies, right through to intimate bush weddings.

Photographing a wedding is always a privilege for us. We create a relaxed environment where clients and guest can be themselves.

We believe in paying special attention to the finer intricacies of the day. We understand that at the heart of Your day, will lie some of our most treasured memories.

Let us help you remember them forever.

Awesome Commercial

Product photography is such a specialized field of photography with so many variables. We believe in more than just photographing the product.

We spend time studying both your product and brand in order to accurately represent it.


Awesome Photos

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Awesome Events

Whether you require a photographer for a corporate function, a golf day or an event of a personal nature; Awesome Photos have the skills, knowledge and commitment it takes to capture the heart of your event. We make sure to get the best quality photos in a relaxed environment.

Awesome Real Estate/Property

As with lodge & hotel photography, Real Estate/Property photography is essential in order to attract the attention of a potential buyer/investor. Awesome Photos will help you capture and display the exclusive features of the property thus allowing the buyer/investor a real sense of the lifestyle he may be buying into.


Awesome Photos provide beautiful and inspiring photographs. Images transferred from your imagination into reality. With a sincere love, passion and care for what we do, your photos are promised to be exactly that... Awesome.





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Yolandi & Johan Jansen - Wedding
With his subtle eye for detail and patience to capture that perfect moment in time, Rihann has given us the ultimate wedding gift- stunning pictures as lifelong memory of our special day!

Solange Russo - Paint the Town Pink
When our photographer cancelled on us two days before our Charity Event, this amazing team of photographers came to our rescue! Awesome Photos are a talented crew who are easy to work with, friendly and professional. They made our guests feel at ease and captured the essence of our event beautifully. They do not hesitate in going the extra mile for their clients and we would certainly use them again!

Tertia Schoeman - Lynn Ridge Great House
Awesome photos
About the photos I can say nothing – the name says it all. About the people – them too.
Rihann in his quiet way has an eye for fine detail and a natural feeling for an angle. With Sheila on his side to give her input (and the equipment) they are an awesome team to have around. Well of course their personalities also helps. Love you guys lots and You can just go one way.
Thanks for our awesome photos.

Charlene & Jaco du Preez - Wedding
We were extremely happy with Awesome Photos taking our wedding pictures. Every single photo is an exact capture of a moment and memory just the way we remember our special day. We literally have a story "mapped out" in our photo album of the exact events from the beginning to the end of the day. Truly a very special treasure to us. We could not have asked for better! Thank you AwesomePhotos!

David Featherstone - Pam Golding Properties
Rihann has recently done some wonderful pictures of a house for me and I would recommend him to anybody.

About Us

Awesome Photos provide beautiful and inspiring photographs. Images transferred from your imagination into reality. With a sincere love, passion and care for what we do, your photos are promised to be exactly that... Awesome.

Meet the Team

Rihann van Wyk

Founder and Head Photographer of Awesome Photos. 15 years experience in the industry. He obtained his qualifications from The Photography Institute.

With a passion and drive for all things bush-filled and/or architectural. His work can be best described as vibrant, inviting and precise. He is a gifted photographer with a great eye for depicting intensity in his work.

“I have the great privilege of being both witness and storyteller. Intimacy, trust and intuition guide my work” – Jim Goldberg.

Sheila Ramos

Assistant photographer, Sales & Marketing Representative.

Where she may lack in extensive experience, she makes up for it in enthusiasm, dedication and people skills. Being Rihann’s right hand, Sheila brings a fresh perspective and creative eye to every event. And everyone knows, a great photographer is only as strong as the assistant holding his coffee.

As a team, you’ll never encounter a more contrasting, brilliantly humorous pair. One, a lover of Canon, the other a true patriot for Nikon. One, a die-hard, none negotiable believer and user of all things Mac. The other a caution-less, rebelling Windows punter.

Both, passionate and committed to perfection.

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Gauteng, South Africa

Phone: +27 (82) 654-8454
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